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1 day is enough
16,000 procedures
Follow up in person
or on-line

    Hair transplant Before& After

    유튜브 DREAM TV

    "1 day is enough!

    From consultation to the transplant procedure and even styling,
    you can do it all in JUST 1 day."

    Transplant 1 day Procedure

      Transplant procedure 01


    • Consultation & Diagnosis
      Fill out the form and get an inspection of your hair before seeing our surgeon. Take your time in deciding on what surgical method and treatment plan is the best for you.
      Transplant procedure 02


    • Design your hairline before the surgery
      Confirm your hair line with the doctor and calculate the needed amount of graft.
      Transplant procedure 03


    • Anesthesia / Insicion & suture
      After local anesthesia is administered, you will be conscious but not sensing any pain.
      Transplant procedure 04


    • Harvesting grafts
      We will harvest grafts according to each patient’s condition.
      Transplant procedure 05


    • Transplant
      Our surgeon will skillfully place the extracted grafts following the design.
      Transplant procedure 06


    • After surgery, shampoo
      Go home after shampooing after the surgery.
      Transplant procedure 07


    • Medication
      After surgery medication, hair loss medication, hair nutrient, minoxidil
      Transplant procedure 07


    • Follow up in person or on-line
      Even if you are abroad after the surgery, we will manage the after care.

    Transplant Treatment

    • Male baldness
    • Female baldness
    • Beard&Mustache
    • Eyebrow&Eyelash
    • Atrichia

    Diverse Surgery Methods

    Shaven FUE
    Using a tiny one-millimeter in diameter (or less) instrument, the physician will havest individual follicular units from the patient’s scalp. The device makes a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit to isolate the graft. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp using a tweezers-like instrument, and then prepared for placement by your team of skilled technicians. These specially trained technicians isolate, prepare and ensure that the follicular grafts remain in optimal condition. Follicular units are arranged into groups depending on the number of hairs contained within each follicle (1-4 hairs are commonly found within each follicle). The placement of these follicular units is what sets the stage for Dream physician’s natural-looking results and artistic difference.
    Robotic hair Transplant will use the FUE harvesting techniques as its mainstay for harvesting. Robots do not fatigue as humans do when harvesting follicular units because of this, robot assisted harvesting promises to produce a result that will be far superior to hair Transplant done by hand.
    Non-shaven FUE
    This option is the perfect choice for those who wish to go back to the office the very next day without being noticed. Patients' donor area does not need to be shaved before surgery, which means that it is impossible to distinguish whether you have had surgery or not.
    FUSS with KNP suture
    The FUSS process involves removing a small strip of tissue from the back of the head, from which the donor hair follicles will be extracted. The hair follicles are harvested from the strip by a skilled clinical team before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas. In most cases, and especially in cases of advanced hair loss, FUSS is the preferred method because it allows the physician to fully utilize the scalp area to deliver results consistent with patient expectations. FUSS typically allows for the greatest number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session.
    We also offer hybrid surgery. This approach is to combine the advantage of FUSS and FUE; FUSS to secure large quantity, FUE to obtain extra grafts possible to maximize the naturalness, density and coverage of the thinning areas.

    Trustworthy Staffs

    • Dr. Youngho PARK
      Dr. Youngho PARK
      · Graduated from Kyungpook National University Medical School.
      · Completed 4-year residency in general surgery at Samsung Medical Center
      · Adjunct professor at Sungkyunkwan Medical School.
      · Apprenticed under Dr.Youngchul CHOI, the 1st inventor of hair transplanter in KOREA
      · Full member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, ISHRS
      · Full member of Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, KSHRS
      · Retained patent of multiple hair transplanter(3-in one, 4-in one)
      · Presented KNP skin suture method for rapid stitch out in occipital donor area 2014 ISHRS
    • Dr. Seunghyun KIM
      Dr. Seunghyun KIM
      · Graduated from Kyunghee University Medical School
      · Master's degree in Sunggyunkwan Medical Graduate School
      · Completed 4 - year residency and fellowship in Samsung Medical Center
      · Full member of KSHRS
    • Dr. Sanghwan Park
      Dr. Sanghwan Park
      · Graduated from the Soon Chun Hyang University School of Medicine
      · Full member of the Korean Society for Hair Transplantation (KSHRS)
      · Former Director of Mosik hair surgery Clinic
      · Former Director of Mojelim Plastic Surgery Center
    • Dr. Giwan Seong
      Dr. Giwan Seong
      · Graduated from Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine
      · Completion of surgery major at Samsung Medical Center
      · A specialist in surgery
      · A regular member of the Korean Society of Surgeons (ACKSS)
      · Full member of the Korean Society for Hair Transplantation (KSHRS)
      · Full member of the Korean Society of Laser Dermatology (KALDAT)
      · Former Director of Mojelim Plastic Surgery Center



    567-23 Sinsa-dong, 2nd floor, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
      Saturday: 9am to 4pm(Holiday surgery can be arranged on request)

    by Subway

    Exit 4 of Apgugeong station 3rd line (Orange)

    · From Seoul Station
    Take line 4 - transfer line 3 at Chungmuro - Get out of Apgugeong

    · From Express Bus Terminal
    Take line 3 Express Bus Terminal - Get out of Apgugeong

    From Airport

    · From Kimpo Airport
    Take line 5 Kimpo Airport Station - Transfer line 3 at Jongno3ga - Get out of Apgugeong Exit 4 - Keep straight upto Kukmin Bank and turn right

    · From Incheon Airport
    Take Limousine bus 6006 - Get out of Apgugeong exit 4

    Incheon Airport Limousine Bus → Airport Limousine 6006 Routine →

    Hair Transplant Preparation

    Please contact us for a free consultation using one of these methods


    Video call
    You can schedule a video call with a knowledgeable consultant from anywhere. It's an easy way to have all of your questions answered before you arrive in Korea.


    Phone call
    Please feel free to call or leave a message to have one of our customer service staff contact you regarding information about the procedure and to help with any questions you may have.


    What's app / Email
    Please feel free to send email or chat with one of our customer service staff. Our reply will be promptly returned. We will help answer questions and help you through the process of booking a consultation.

    These options are helpful for gaining useful information and an idea of the procedures we offer, but we do require photos of your head to provide accurate quotes and surgeon recommendations.

      Hair Transplant Mecca - One Stop Total Care Service

    • Dream Hairline has been dedicated to only hair transplantation, which distinguished us from others. The baldness symptoms and pattern appropriate for each patients leads to the accurate amount of grafts needed, thereby minimizing wastage. We also offer hybrid surgery ; FUSS to secure large quantity, FUE to obtain extra grafts possible to maximize the naturalness, density and coverage of the thinning areas. In 1985, Dr Choi, who invented choi implanter (original pen-like transplanter) began performing hair transplant surgery. In 2007 Dr choi and Dr park, who invented SNP suture, co-established DreamHairLine; so we have doctors with over 10 years experience who are well-able to give you the results you are looking for.
    • Entrance
      Waiting Room
      Waiting Room
      Waiting Room
      Waiting Room
      Waiting Room
      Waiting Room
      Information Desk
      Information Desk
      Separation Room
      Separation Room
      Consultation Room
      Consultation Room
      Consultation Room
      Consultation Room
      Operating Room
      Operating Room
      Original Room
      Original Room
      Care Room
      Care Room
      Recovery Room
      Recovery Room
      Shampoo Room
      Shampoo Room
      3F Entrance
      3F Entrance
      3F Waiting Room
      3F Waiting Room
      3F Operating Room
      3F Operating Room
    We offer ARTAS Robot FUE, a state-of the art technique that is the latest and most advanced technology in the field of hair transplant surgery. We offer non-shaven, all shaven FUE, in which follicular units are extracted manually. We also offer FUSS hair transplant(single stripe harvesting) The surgery method is determined according to the customer's hair loss condition hair type(thickness and density) and elasticity or rigidity of the scalp.
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